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Well, Christmas/Holiday shopping has begun. Though it’s not in full swing just yet, the attitudes exuded by the shoppers certainly are. In the snap of a finger, we’ve gone from courteous and cooperative shoppers to rude, impatient and totally intolerable shoppers.

What is it about a person, what switch flips, bringing about such an obvious and negative change during such a celebratory time?  While we’re supposed to be joyous during this time of year, so many people become selfish. Of all the seasons and situations that occur in a year, this is the one where you should be the most understanding of the fact that things will take a little longer, or someone else might actually be “in your space”.

Trust me, you did nothing to elevate your status above the person in front of you. Your purchase may be larger, and your attitude may be worse, but you’re going to be served in the same order. There’s no point in sighing, looking upward, stomping your feet, muttering, nudging, grunting, groaning or whatever else it is that you do to show your frustration in not being king of the momentary hill.

Despite performing all of the above childish, little displays of assholity, you are also still going to be treated with a smile and respect by the person who is there to help you. WHEN IT’S YOUR TURN! So, until then, give yourself the pleasure of knowing that all your little displays are going unnoticed, uncared about and completely disrespected. And be careful to count your change, because someone might just hold back a buck or a five from your and give it to the Salvation Army Santa who is jingling his bell in the freezing cold … the very Santa that you’d piss on rather than give up a precious nickel.


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