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Life, as we know it, is so full of changes, curve-balls and oddities.

You plan to do one thing one day, and something comes up that totally alters your plan. You plan to go to work, you plan to take a trip, you plan to go to the zoo … it doesn’t matter; you have to always be on the ready for the unexpected change due to a need, a request or just an illness.

I was so looking forward to going into the shop tomorrow. I’ve had a day off, and I feel OK. I’m anxious to be back in the saddle.

I get a call from my father: he’s got a medical appointment. He’s 80, and will be 81 in a few days. Mom cannot drive him the 25 miles to the hospital for the test, so I get the call. Do I really want to do it? Gosh .. no. I had plans.

But, the point is, one needs to be always on the ready to change a plan. Shit happens; life happens. What’s more important, I guess is the question:  What you have planned or what your really need to do.

The underlying problem is the guilt or disappointment in not being able to stick to the plan. Most often it will foul up someone else’s plan.

It’s a never ending balancing act of who to please: Yourself? Your family? Your boss? Your spouse? Your goddamned pet? No matter what choice you make someone is going to be upset.

Life changes. Accept it, roll with it and don’t worry about who might be disappointed, put out or pissed off. Life continues no matter how it all turns out.


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