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Facebook has become a concern for me. It’s always been just a lark, and nothing to take seriously, but now it’s becoming somewhat of a pain in the butt.

So many people you don’t really know “friend” you; you accept in good faith, only to find out that they’re jerk-offs or “head collectors”. Others start out with a bang, and then either fade into obscurity or develop attitudes and start sniping or just being dumbbells. Then, of course, there are those who merely want “friends” to suck into their silly games like Mafia Wars or Farmville. I can’t stand this.

Today I trimmed back 31 “friends”. Will they be upset? Well, possibly, but that’s not anything I need to or should really care about since I don’t even know them. I don’t think I’m finished yet, either. There are some I’m on the fence about, which actually tells me that they’ll probably be gone by close of business.

One thing that really irks me is all these people who post nothing, and mean NOTHING but music videos from You Tube, another site I don’t have a whole lot of use for. I love the fact that people enjoy music, but when all they do is post videos it can take an awful lot of scrolling down to actually see some post of interest. Every other day or so I will post my “Recommended Listening” for the day, which will always be either an Amazon or a Barnes & Noble link to a really good CD of jazz, blues or rock. But I keep it to a minimum, only post links to CDs that I actually own and simply think that others might enjoy. It’s not a total barrage of tune after tune.

There are many days that I think I just want to toss Facebook to the wolves and spend my time more constructively. I have many irons in the fire. Some are business related, many are solely for my enjoyment, but either way they’re more constructive than gaping at silly shit posted by ever sillier people I don’t know and don’t give a damn about.

One reason I DO like Facebook is the relative anonymity. You can control what other people know about you, and you can hide or share as much or as little about your life as you please. I admit that I will sometimes say too much myself. Especially in responding to someone’s post that seems to be a cry for help. An alkie who keeps relapsing, for example. But, then, you offer your experience based advice and get shot down like a duck in September by everyone else who’s an “expert” on the subject, and all that means is that they lean on the God Crutch (see previous blog entry) as though that’s actually going to hold up anything heavier than an invisible toothpick. 

The people that post honest, bare-bones items related to real life are the ones I like. The people that actually share something of validity, and not some indication that they “like” something. I have one “friend” (an on the fence one) who finds more shit to “like” than I could ever even imagine possible. Do they create their own little ditties to “like”? Usually it’s stupid crap, like “you feel hot when your pants are on fire” or some other totally ridiculous shit. Man, get a life!

There are people who seem to monitor Facebook all day on their Blackberries, I-Phones, etc. I really can’t understand that. Is Facebook such a critical tool that people have to be alerted when anything whatsoever is posted? I can just picture this scenario: I’m in a business meeting, my Blackberry (which I actually do not, nor ever will, own) signals a message. I look and it’s Joe or Jane Doe saying that they like “Simon and Garfunkel reunite for six millionth time”. You know, the stuff that makes the world go ’round.

All of this crap is starting to really get to me. Facebook, I-Phone apps, Tweeting, My Space bullying, etc. It’s all just negative ambience that life doesn’t need. I think I’ll eventually let Facebook go the way of my ex-wife and spend those three hours every day reading instead. Let the world go ’round without me, as I’m getting very tired of being a part of it.


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  1. I could speak volumes on this subject. I broke my arm so can’t type much. The youth of today are so attached to electronic communication, they are unable to communicate effectively verbally, face to face, etc. Well, I share some of the same gripes re: FB. Maybe I’ll share more when I can type w/both hands.

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