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I recently received the following, in e-mail format, from my alcoholic, bipolar, borderline, sociopathic brother:

(I won’t use quotation marks, but it is verbatim)

 I have not heard from you. Why?

I am OK; better than. I have a choice of going back to work.

It’s a good offer; six figures plus bene’s.

You don’t know it because you have always dismissed me as shit!

Reassess me.

And Damn it, Respect Me!

Respect him:

He barely squeaked by with a degree in English from a liberal arts college, after having been ejected from the seminary. Thank God he never actually became a priest, as the Catholics would have been paying out even more millions for foibles he’d have committed.

At any given time he professes to be: a PhD, an architect, an interior designer to the rich and famous, an famed artist, a doctor, a lawyer and practically an Indian Chief. He hasn’t held a real job since the 80’s, when he was an English teacher at a private school for boys and was fired for sexual misconduct.

He lives on disability, welfare and has free housing. He is a raging alcoholic who refuses help because, it’s part of his “creative power”. He shakes like a dog shitting razor blades, and blames it on his AIDS medications. He reeks of alcohol and blames it on his pain medications. A booze smelling pill? Hmmm …

He wants my respect, but has abused me both physically and psychologically since I was a child. He tried to kill me when I was a year old. He spent his teenage years kicking me below the belt. He collected jock straps in high school so he could smell them at night. He’s a pedophile and a porno villian. He has beaten up my father as recently as two years ago, when Dad was 78 years old. Physically, he’s scared to death of me, as he knows I’d love to beat him senseless, but I don’t want his blood on me.

On the one hand he’ll claim to love me, then he’ll get drunk and send out bullshit like this.

He’s an idiot, a pervert, a criminal and an ass. He’s fugitive from Vermont living in New York. Ultimately, he’ll die in jail; it’s just a matter of the next time he’s caught, but he gets away with fraudulent bullshit like we change our socks. He’s smart; he has a genius IQ. He’s stupid; he’s a moron and a ticking bomb just waiting to go off. When he blows, the psychological, financial and possibly physical carnage will be massive; and will probably be targeted our own parents.

Jesus Christ, what a life. Brotherly love? Right …..


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