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I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in any supreme being. I am an atheist, tried and true.

Others try to push the belief of God on me, and they try to insist that my life will be so much more fulfilling with God in it. If not God, per se, then a power greater than myself that I’m free to call a doorknob, if I choose. There’s sense to this?

I have had numerous experiences with people who blindly believe that God will solve all their ills. I find it hilarious, though, that this belief usually comes on the heels of personal tragedy or unrest of some sort. Recovery is a classic example. The 12 Steps include a belief in a higher power as a suggestion not to be taken lightly. I ignore it, heavily. The belief in some power greater than myself is not going to help me stay sober; I am. It’s mind over matter, not my ass in a pew or kneeling by the side of my bed in the morning speaking to a spirit that is about as likely to hear me as the proverbial man on the moon.

I had one very close friend become “born again” because he suspected his wife was having an affair, which I knew she was. He felt that by instantly placing bibles on his bedstand and TV table that all his problems would go away and life would go back to its merry way. Of course they divorced, and the bibles ended up in the trash. The crutch collapsed.

Belief in God or any higher power that is intangible is a crutch. I understand that people go through some very hellish times, but is placing your faith in a mystery going to solve your problem? No. Medical science might; better financial management might; putting your nose to the grindstone and actually doing something about your problem rather than turning it over to this higher power to solve it for you is a complete cop out. It’s akin to the need to find yourself. Look in the mirror. You’re right there. And when you die, you won’t be. Simple stuff, really.

I don’t believe in crutches. Every ounce of trouble, misfortune or just plain shit that I’ve found myself in I’ve gotten through my using my own biologically granted power of thinking. Sitting in a pew or kneeling on a hardwood floor may make you uncomfortable enough to think you’re actually suffering enough that this nonentity will come to your aid, but all you’ll end up with is a sore back or a sore pair of knees.

Will God strike me dead for writing this? Not likely. If I die it’s likely to be by my own hand, lifestyle or simple old age. No fantasy is going to prolong my life, save it or make it any better …. or any worse.


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